Keyboards {2005}

Scott first introduced North Londoner Adam Rackham to Colvex in 2005 when he felt the band’s live sound could be expanded further with the introduction of a full time keyboardist.

Whilst Adam’s stint with the band may only have been brief, his impact was certainly felt. Not shy in adding his thoughts and views in rehearsal, Adam’s clear self-assuredness was borne out of his obvious talent on keys which in turn brought a new fullness to Colvex's sound in concert.

Leaving the band shortly after Scott’s departure, also for work-related reasons - his own digital A/V business demanding ever more frequent trips abroad - he also remains on good terms with Simon and Gav and has a place in Colvex history.

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Adam Rackham
technical info
Adam plays... Studiologic SL 990 keyboard & Roland PC 800 MIDI controller keyboard
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