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All that remained now was to finish and mix the album so, carrying with them the momentum from their recent live shows, the band decamped to Gav’s studio in the spring for the final big push to complete recordings. Spending days on end, barely coming up for air, the weeks throughout April and May were some of the most fruitful and enjoyable in the band’s career with final flourishes and touches being made to finally bring the album’s tracks to completion.

By late May, Simon had completed a first mix of the album and a select few amongst the band’s close friends and followers were invited down to Studio Gav for an exclusive preview ‘listening party’. With unanimous approval and support from those present, the band felt confident as they approached the final mix that they were onto a winner! With a final few tweaks made and the icing now firmly on top, by early July with huge relief the album was finally finished, the track list decided and the songs were sent off to Hotline Studios in New York for mastering.

While waiting for mastering and manufacturing to be completed, during the summer the band surfaced for occasional outdoor performances including returns to Watford Live! and Music In The Parks in Harpenden.

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