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However their main attention firmly turned to marketing and plans were hatched to film a viral music video for ‘Three Guys’, the lead track on the album. With Gav’s pal Graeme Holmes (a pro TV editor by trade) offering to direct the promo clip, the band firstly headed to old stomping ground The Horn in St. Albans in late July to shoot the first day of filming with a ‘live’ performance onstage — a busy but very enjoyable session, even though the band sweltered under a large lighting rig combined with the midsummer heat!

This was followed the next month by the second day’s shooting… a more madcap affair with Simon, Gav and Dave all donning their infamous clown make-up once more to film a crazed getaway sequence on scooters through the streets of Watford following a ficticious bank heist, in keeping with Three Guys’ cod-gangster theme. Having left onlooking bystanders aghast and bewildered, the funniest moment of the day came when at the end of the shoot the band marched into their local, The Horns for a well earned pint still in full make up. The house jazz band were onstage at the time gave Simon, Gav and Dave a full circus trombone fanfare as they sat at the bar to a spontaneous round of applause from the whole pub!

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