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On 12th  November, the hotly anticipated music video for 'Three Guys' was finally released on YouTube.com and the world got to finally see the clown gang in action, Graeme deftly intercutting live footage of the band with their loony tunes escape through the streets of Watford!

As a final push for the album before the year was out, and to again help some more money for Street Kids Direct, Colvex were invited back by their friends at Radio Christmas 87.7FM for a trio of live shows.

First up came an enjoyable interview with DJ Martin Hughes followed a few days later by a special Friday Night Rock Show presented live by the band themselves! Finally, Simon took on DJing responsibilities entirely himself for a two hour solo show where he got the chance to fill the airwaves with some of his favourite tunes… and plug the Colvex album of course.

2013 began with Colvex continuing on fundraising duties with a special charity show in January with pal Tom Craven in aid of the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust before continuing on with a series of late winter local gigs.

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