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The following months were spent putting the finishing touches to the new four track ‘Last Man Standing’ EP until it was finally ready to unveil to the public with an outstanding performance at the 2017 Rickmansworth Festival where limited edition CDs were made available and almost entirely snapped up by those in attendance.

Ahead of the EP’s general release and with the help of multimedia wizard and pal Oliver Warrack the band then filmed another music video for the title track ‘Last Man Standing’, mixing studio footage with a location shoot depicting the deadly demise of the infamous Colvex clowns thanks to the marksmanship of the band’s junior firing squad, namely Simon’s sons Marshall and Declan, and Gav’s nephew Ewan. The hilarious results were published on YouTube.com just ahead of the EP’s worldwide release on 5 October 2017 again via D-Classified Records on iTunes, Amazon.com and Spotify.

Publicising the launch with an interview on Radio Verulam 92.6FM with DJ Denise Parsons the band hit then hit the road again to promote the EP with a series of local shows.

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