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Despite freezing weather, the crowd was packed to capacity and the band turned in one of their finest gigs, also under the glare of cameras filming for a planned video release.

It was just the start needed to get the band back on the road and throughout the spring, Colvex gathered pace with a series of intense live shows before approaching the summer and a series of big outdoor performances billed as the band’s ‘Summer Spectacular!’ tour.

It started in June with the rare sight of Colvex appearing live for the first time as a 2 piece at the first Watford Live! event in Watford High Street. With Shaun absent on pilot training, and with the help of some considerable backing tracks, Simon and Gav played a fine set to a busy crowd in baking hot weather. The following week Shaun was back onboard for the band’s appearance at the annual Croxley Revels fair.

However, both of these shows paled by comparison with the band’s appearance at the Music On The Moor festival near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire on 11 July.

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