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With both Simon and Gav simultaneously enduring the strains of moving house, recording work on the band's long awaited album took an enforced back seat but in rehearsal at least the group were enjoying a particularly creative patch and several new songs worked their way into the live show including the punky "Last Man Standing" and new set opener "Hello".

In the autumn, album sessions were finally able to resume at the newly christened 'Studio Gav' — the band's fully equipped 24 track home studio and live room in Gav's new basement. Recording work interspersed with more gigs, including a rare unplugged set at The Drawing Room in Chesham, before the year was brought to a memorable end with a Colvex Special broadcast on charity radio station Radio Christmas 87.7FM, featuring interviews with the band and a selection of fresh cuts from the forthcoming album.

2011 began however with a setback with Shaun announcing that, after almost four years, he was leaving Colvex. Like Scott before him, Shaun had been offered a fantastic opportunity to work overseas, to fly jumbo jets out of the Middle East for Emirates Airlines.

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