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However, with several weeks to go before he was due to leave the country, Shaun was able to remain with the band to perform his final shows, the last of which being a memorable swansong at the Red Lion in Stevenage in early February.

Whilst it was certainly sad to see Shaun go, with a busy Summer schedule already booked, Simon and Gav had no time to dwell on their sorrows and quickly set about the search for a new bass guitarist. This time they chose a different route, holding open auditions at a nearby studio and were astonished by not only the level of interest but also the quality of those that showed up! After a couple of sessions a shortlist was drawn up and, after one final audition, the decision was clear and by late March ex-serviceman Dave Hartlett was unveiled as Colvex's new bassist.

As a guitar teacher by trade, Dave was amazingly quick on the uptake learning the band's material, and a good thing it was too as the band had only a few weeks to prepare before hitting the stage again at the Rickmansworth Festival in May where the band turned in a stunningly assured set given it was the first outing of the new lineup.


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