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As the year drew to a close the band were presented with a unique opportunity —  to appear again on Radio Christmas, this time to present their own show! With the radio station now broadcast online, the band convened at Studio Gav in November to pre-record an hour's worth of unscripted banter interspersed with their own music and songs by some of their favourite fellow artists on the local circuit. Over the course of December the station attracted over 30,000 listeners and the Colvex Special was made available for podcast —  a roaring success to finish the year!

2012 was a truly Olympian year, not only with the arrival of the games in London but, for Colvex fans, it would be the year in which their long long wait for band’s album would finally come to an end! The year began with a string of scorching local gigs including début performances at Trinity in Harrow and Club 85 in Hitchin.

Behind the scenes, in anticipation of the album’s completion, the band felt the time was right to find a music publisher for their work and, having been offered several possible deals, in April Colvex signed with Yorkshire-based Maori Music Publishing who would become responsible for seeking and collecting the band’s royalties.

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