Bass Guitar & Vocals {2001-2006}

South African born Scott Bremner moved to the UK in the late 1990s, but it was not until 2001 before he hooked up with Simon and, later, Gav after answering an ad for a bass guitarist placed in a Watford music shop.

An impressively dextrous stringsman and accomplished all- round musician, Scott’s ability and drive undoubtedly caused Si and Gav to raise their game. Coupled with an infectious sense of enthusiasm and humour Scott added the 'X factor' to Colvex in the band’s early years.

Having received an unrefuseable job offer from Down Under, Scott sadly left the band in 2006 to move with his young family to Sydney, Australia. But this not before he had made the time to record his basslines for the Colvex début album. Gone but far from forgotten, Scott sure leaves some big shoes to fill...

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Scott Bremner
technical info
Scott plays... self-built (!) Musicman & Fender Jazz basses. Trace Elliot amplifier
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