Bass Guitar {2007-2011}

Shaun Lyon joined Colvex in early 2007 after a lengthy search to find a successor on bass for Scott.

Originally from Lincoln but with college-based routes in the West Country, prior to Colvex Shaun played in a number of bands including Crye Innocent and 707.

A gifted musician with an easy-going attitude Shaun made the perfect fit for Colvex. However, as he just happened to be a jet pilot for a leading pan-European airline by day, when in early 2011 he received a job offer to fly long haul aircraft out of Dubai, Shaun's tenure with Colvex came to an abrupt and sad end. As with Scott's departure to Australia some four years previously, Simon and Gav saw a pattern emerging — "Want career advancement abroad? Play bass for Colvex!"

In his time with Colvex, Shaun performed at many of the band's biggest and best live performances and will be much missed.

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Shaun Lyon
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Shaun plays... Warwick Streamer bass & Trace Elliot amplifier
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