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Colvex are a 3 piece band who tirelessly churn out punchy melodic rock with twists of trad jazz and rockabilly thrown in for added thrills.

It all started back in 2001 when singer/ songwriter and guitarist Simon Herriott asked drummer Gavin Richardson, his old bandmate from The Secrets (a Watford based band, locally popular in the 90s) to join him in his new project ...Colvex. The lineup was completed by South African bassist Scott Bremner and the three formed a close bond as not only impactful musicians, but also as firm friends.

Colvex quickly became one of the hottest draws on the London live circuit, turning in some sensational live shows and instantly recognisable from their sharp-dressed 'Three Guys In Ties' look. Venues on the Colvex itinerary included The Cobden Club, The Borderline and WestOneFour. In 2004, the band were a main attraction at the City Showcase event in the West End, turning in a memorable acoustic set on Carnaby Street.

2005 saw Colvex expand as they took on the services of keyboardist Adam Rackham for their concerts which were by now attracting much attention.

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