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The following day, Monday 10th September, was the day Colvex fans everywhere (and the band!) had been waiting for when finally the album was released worldwide on the band's own label D-Classfied Records for download at iTunes, Amazon.com, CDBaby.com and was also for free streaming at Spotify. Limited edition CDs were subsequently also made available online and for sale at future gigs.

The album, simply titled ‘Colvex’ featured 14 tracks spanning their entire 10 year career and played almost like a ‘greatest hits’ compilation sweeping up all the band’s many styles from swingin' jazz to out and out rock.

To support the new release the band hit the road in the autumn, firstly with a special Hallowe’en gig alongside pals Waiting For Katherine, billed as the ‘Hallowe’en Smackdown’ — the first and only time Colvex performed live in their trademark clown make up to take on WFK, who in turn dressed up as zombies for a truly epic show! Hot on the heels came excellent performances in Camden and a first outing to Bedford Esquires.

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